Integral Chakra Psychology

Author: Atul V. Pednekar Category: Mind-Body-Spirit ISBN: 9789385827785 Binding: Paperback Dimensions: 8 x 5 inch Number of Pages: 248

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Life is a journey that is shaped by the choices we make to handle every situation.


This is an essential volume for each one of those eager for a transformation through self-discovery. It is a journey from despair to hope, from doubt to faith, and promises to instil the confidence that helps manifest the seemingly impossible.


It starts the moment we begin to believe that we have a choice in our life, that we are responsible for every action or inaction. Integral Chakra Psychology helps us decipher the reasons that shape our choices in life.

For the author, the questions that shaped this volume were the ones that emerged while finding a way out of personal struggles or those of his counselees. The voyage took him in various directions and the answers he got were obtained only after he was able to integrate occidental psychology with oriental world view, materialism with spirituality, theism with atheism and spiritual quotient with emotional quotient.

This volume thus is an amalgamation of each and every theory that could possibly have been proposed till date, be it at the individual, group or religious level. Be amazed at all that goes behind each unconscious choice and life decision and learn to mould them according to your goals and achievements.


Atul V. Pednekar

Dr Atul V. Pednekar is a self-empowerment facilitator, known for his dedication in enabling his participants and students to see their blockages in self-expression. Learning from the living and the ancient masters, he is an earnest seeker and shares his experiences with an open heart.

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