Child of the Dawn: A Magical Journey of Awakening

Author: Gautama Chopra Category: Spiritual Fiction ISBN: 9789386832009 Binding: Paperback Dimensions: 7 x 4.8 inch Number of Pages: 208

Foreword by Deepak Chopra

Based on The Seven Spiritual Laws of SuccessChild of the Dawn tells a rich and colorful tale about an orphan boy, Hakim, who is lost, alone, and seeking his purpose in life. As Hakim becomes aware of himself and his lowly position in life, he dreams he is a king in a luxurious palace, surrounded by servants and adoring subjects. The stark contrast with his waking life inspires in him a desperate urge to make such a life his own.

He embarks upon a quest for power and wealth, thinking this will bring him the happiness he seeks. It is a search for meaning, a quest for love, the justification of his entire existence. Searching for a mysterious “wise one,” Hakim encounters many colorful characters on his travels — helpful figures who impart timeless wisdom with wit and charm, shadowy eccentrics who tempt him with intriguing offers, and elusive guardian spirits who quietly appear to watch over him.

Hakim’s journey takes him through inner and outer worlds as he struggles toward the dawn of understanding, and is led to an ultimate realization about the true meaning of power and freedom. As we follow Hakim’s search, we are led through the inner landscape of our own hearts into a deeper understanding of the spiritual laws that govern life and lead us to the fulfillment of our dreams.



From Publishers Weekly

This first novel by the 21-year-old son of bestselling author Deepak Chopra is a parable based on the elder Chopra’s wildly popular guide, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. A lost, lonely, 12-year-old Indian orphan, Hakim, embarks on a quest for the secrets of power and enduring happiness, only to discover that the source of everything he seeks can be found only within. Thematically, the book is too obvious, unfolding seamlessly and predictably, with none of the organic twists and turns of real myths and parables Even the most credulous readers will smile at the fortunate timing of Hakim’s auspicious encounters. He meets myriad Indian characters who teach him, among other things, the secrets of meditation and karmic reaction. While he gleans insight into the true nature of life, death and good and evil, however, the young searcher is pursued by his former orphanage master, who wishes to corrupt him with the knowledge of how to obtain power and wealth. Not surprisingly, it is only when Hakim has resisted temptation, realized that “wisdom exists within everyone” and learned that dreams really can come true that his journey ends. Chopra tends his bar adequately, lining up shots of spiritual platitudes for thirsty readers to swallow.
From Library Journal

This allegorical tale revolves around Hakim, a young orphan boy in India whose spiritual quest for identity unfolds as he learns to discern the guises of truth and illusion in encounters with enigmatic characters: a cruel orphanage master, a quirky Welsh magician, a sagacious truck driver, a vegetarian fisherman, and several female figures who offer him glimpses of generosity and hope. This work of fiction is somewhat encumbered by a didactic tone, although author Gautama Chopra, the 21-year-old son of best-selling author Deepak Chopra, demonstrates a maturity of spiritual vision and symbolic understanding beyond his years. Fans of Deepak Chopra will be interested in his son’s book, since it is based on principles from Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.


From Booklist

The author is the son of New Age guru Deepak Chopra, and frankly, it’s hard to imagine how this inspirational tale would have been published without the Chopra name attached to it. It’s not that the book is all that bad, only that its allegorical message is a long way from fresh. A young Indian street boy tries to find his purpose in life as well as some prosperity. He meets a number of people on his journey, some of whom have his best interests at heart, but others, especially the conniving Master, wish to lead him astray. The message for the innocent child in all of us? Listen to the voice inside you; follow your heart; be in service to others for wealth comes in your ability to give yourself to others. The language is flowery, and Chopra’s introductory ode to his young son is sugary, but for those who crave the fable-as-guidance genre, flowers and sugar are dietary staples.

Gautama Chopra

Gautama Chopra is the son of international bestselling author Deepak Chopra. Gautama credits his father with inspiring him to write when he was just a child by telling him exciting tales at bedtime which were left unfinished. The younger Chopra would finish the story in his imagination as he fell off to sleep, leading to vivid dreams and the desire to write the stories down. Gautama spent many summers in his parents’ native land of India, where the people and culture stirred his imagination and also inspired him to write. He has received numerous creative writing awards, and was a national merit scholar. Gautama is a graduate of Columbia University in New York City, where he studied English, religion, and film. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

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