The Game of Life BY Florence Scovel Shinn, Louise Hay

A book for the ages, to be treasured and studied and taken to heart.

The Power of a Single Thought BY Gay Hendricks

This work brings to life a treasure of life-changing wisdom that has inspired generations of transformational leaders. The essence of the book is that major, positive shifts in the quality of your life can be initiated by changing a single thought. The present volume is a new rendition of the...

The Book of Life BY Gay Hendricks

The Book of Life is a new rendering of one of the most influential transformational books in human history. Originally collected by the students of Epictetus, the most famous teacher of conscious living in turbulent first-century Rome, this book presents a brilliantly simple formula for resolving the most complex problems...

Key to Yourself BY Debbie Ford, Venice J. Bloodworth, Ph.D.

The beauty of Key to Yourself is seen through Venice Bloodworth

Techniques in Prayer Therapy BY Joseph Murphy

No matter what faith or religion you follow, this work will help you channel your prayers so that they open your subconscious mind to the Infinite Wisdom that guides our lives.