Moonology – Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles BY Yasmin Boland

Did you know the cycles of the moon have a huge effect on our health, our mood, our relationships and our work? By understanding these phases, we can work with them to improve and empower every aspect of our lives. In Moonology, world-renowned astrologist Yasmin Boland unveils: why connecting with the moon can...

Astrology – A Guide to Understanding Your Birth Chart BY Yasmin Boland

An insightful introductory guide to the age-old wisdom of astrology and how it can help you to make informed and successful decisions in all areas of your life. With a free, personalized chart provided online for every reader, this book will help you to understand more than just your Sun...

The Coffee Oracle BY Stacey Demarco

Discover Your Future & Fortune in a Coffee Cup

Astrology Through A Psychic’s Eyes BY Sylvia Browne

In this book, Sylvia presents her philosophy on astrology. It is written in a humorous vein, yet is a serious work and intended to educate the reader.